Sunshine Lighting History Timeline

1980 -
Sunshine Lighting was Founded
  • In the heart of the lighting revolution, Sunshine Lighting was founded. From its inception, the company was driven by a passion for illuminating spaces and lives. Over the years, this foundational year would mark the beginning of a journey that would see Sunshine Lighting become a beacon in the industry.
1983 -
Compact Fluorescents added to portfolio

  • Recognizing the shift in lighting technology and the need for energy-efficient solutions, Sunshine Lighting expanded its product range by adding Compact Fluorescents to its portfolio. This move not only showcased the company's adaptability but also its commitment to staying at the forefront of industry innovations.
1985 -
First warehouse of 1,000 sq ft

  • As a testament to its burgeoning operations and dedication to its growing clientele, Sunshine Lighting inaugurated its first warehouse, a spacious 1,000 sq ft facility on 52nd street in Brooklyn. Though just a beginning, this space symbolized the company's expansive vision and the promise of greater achievements in the years to come
1992 -
Moved to a 30,000 sq ft warehouse

  • The growth of Sunshine Lighting was undeniable. Just seven years after establishing their first warehouse, the company made a significant leap, relocating to a sprawling 30,000 sq ft warehouse on 3rd Ave in Brooklyn. This move marked a new chapter, accommodating their expanding product range and increasing customer base.
1997 -
Sunlite Brand was founded

  • With a vision to create a distinct identity in the market, the Sunlite Brand was founded. This brand further solidified Sunshine Lighting's position in the industry, offering quality and reliability that customers could trust.
2002 -
Florida Location Opened

  • Expanding its horizons beyond Brooklyn, Sunshine Lighting opened a new location in Florida. This facility, equipped with offices and a small warehouse, marked the company's first steps in establishing a national presence.
2004 -
Acquired Edison Power

  • In a strategic move to diversify its offerings and cater to a broader clientele, Sunshine Lighting acquired Edison Power. This acquisition enabled the company to manufacture custom light fixtures, adding a unique dimension to their product range.
2006 -
Moved to our 100,000 sq ft warehouse

  • Reflecting its exponential growth and the increasing demand for its products, Sunshine Lighting made another significant move. The company relocated to a massive 100,000 sq ft warehouse on Clinton St. in Red Hook, setting a new standard for its operations.
2007 -
Launched first LED product

  • Always at the cutting edge of technology, Sunshine Lighting launched its very first LED product. This launch marked the company's foray into a new era of energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions.
2012 -
MKS Brand launched

  • With an aim to cater to the high-end commercial market, the MKS Brand was launched. Designed with precision and crafted for quality, this brand was Sunshine Lighting's answer to the growing demand for premium lighting solutions for commercial projects.
2014 -
Shabbulb was invented

  • Demonstrating its innovative spirit, Sunshine Lighting introduced the Shabbulb. This unique bulb, designed specifically to be used on Shabbat, showcased the company's commitment to catering to the diverse needs of its clientele
2022 -
Ambiate brand launched

  • Embracing the world of luxury and design, Sunshine Lighting launched the Ambiate brand. Offering designer and luxurious fixtures, this brand was a testament to the company's dedication to elegance, style, and unmatched quality.